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Fun World Language

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High School Classes


After school classes in

French, Spanish, and German

Ages 4 – Adults


Our group classes are always interactive, engaging, and fun. We carefully plan our lessons to maximize exposure to the foreign language while also maintaining motivation for continued learning. Classes are held at the Roudenbush community center, or online.


2023 Spanish Programs open for registration now. 


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Ages 4-7 – Thu 4:15-5 pm, at Roudenbush


Ages 7-11 – Wed 5:30-6:30 pm, at Roudenbush

Ages 8-12 – Wed 4:30-5:30 pm, Online


French Class

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Ages 4 – 7 – Tue 4-4:45 pm, at Roudenbush

Ages 7 – 11 – Wed 4-5pm, at Roudenbush

Ages 8 – 12 – Thu 4:30-5:30 pm, Online

The classes above are ideal for beginner students and young students who studied with us in the previous school year. 

Fun World Summer Programs

We will be back at Roudnebush this summer for our week long summer programs!  Choose the week that works for you or choose all 4!

Our classes run in 8-week session increments during the school year. That offers parents flexibility, and allows interested students to progress to more advanced levels. 

About our classes:

We offer a customized curriculum based on the groups’ ages and levels of experience with the language. We teach in a gentle immersion environment when possible (as opposed to full immersion). Our classes include numerous games, crafts, skits, and other hands-on activities in order to maximize the language input children receive.  Our teachers work to create differentiated lesson plans every week to match the students’ age, level, and interests. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us (

See more classes and register on our website:




  • Increased awareness of different cultures and places. This leads to curiosity and a natural desire to learn more about the world we share. 

  • Better development of academic potential. As learning a second language exercises the brain, it makes it more flexible. 

  • Increased self-esteem. The ability to have even a simple conversation in another language is a very concrete, easy, and fun way to demonstrate knowledge while also connecting with others. 

  • Ability to learn more languages. Learning a language at a young age improves the ability to master additional languages in later years. 



  • Not only do children learn a new language faster than adults, but it also enriches and expands their brains. Numerous studies have shown that this faster acquisition is due to the nature of their developing minds. Additionally, there are scientifically demonstrated differences in the brain activity of multilingual children. More regions of the brain are being used, extra neurons are activated, and a special flexibility of thinking sets in. Even if children don’t continue to practice their second language as adults, the benefits they gain from using it at a young age remain. 



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