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Our gymnastic program here at Roudenbush is offered to children who are walking, through grade 5. Programs teach body awareness, coordination and foundational gymnastics skills. We introduce basic exercises on the floor, beam, bar and vault.  Our caring staff guide your children through each session utilizing creative gym set ups - designed to stimulate learning, development of social skills, and enhance gymnastics skills. 

Meet Miss Kim,  our gymnastics teacher!

Miss KIM, our favorite gymnastics instructor! Miss Kim has been with the Roudenbush Community Center for a little over 5 years and loves seeing the children grow their strengths and overcome their weaknesses or fears while learning all the ins-and-outs of gymnastics. Kim has been an active gymnast for years, but in her down time loves gardening and spending time with her two children.

Some of Kim's most popular classes include working with toddlers and preschoolers here at the center, as well as guiding classes to support family fun time!

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