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  • What do you offer for children?
    In addition to our 3 licensed child care programs, Part Day Preschool at Old Nab (170 Plain Road) Full Day Care at Frost (73 Main Street) and After School Care (65 Main Street), Roudenbush runs a complete gymnastics program, we offer art, cooking, babysitting basics, languages classes, ballet classes. Check out the Just for Kids tab under Community Classes.
  • What do you offer for adults?
    We have a variety of classes and workshops available for adults. Please see the community classes tab for what we are currently offering from yoga to wreath making to model airplane buillding.
  • When is the Community Market?
    The Community Market runs every Tuesday from 2:30pm to 6:30pm from June 22 to August 22, 2022 at 65 Main Street, Westford MA. There will be no Market on July 4, 2023.
  • Where are you located?
    Roudenbush has 3 locations for our various programs. Our part day preschool program is located at our "Old Nab" building at 170 Plain Road, in the heart of the Nabnassett neighborhood. Our full day child care program is located at our "Frost" building at 73 Main Street and our after school care, community education classes, farmers market and business offices are located at Roudenbush Community Center, 65 Main Street, in the heart of Westford, MA.
  • Frost - Do we have different rates for hours per day?
    Our daily rate is from any hours between 7am-6pm
  • Frost - Does it cost money to be put on the waitlist?
    No we just ask some questions and will add your child’s name and will be in touch when we know of a spot opening up for the paperwork along with the contract/deposit and registration fee.
  • Frost - How long is the waitlist?
    We do have an extensive waitlist for all ages at this time with enrollment projections done through July 2024. If a child was to leave or move-up in a classroom and we had no other child for that spot in house, we would then work off the waitlist.
  • Frost - Do you provide snack & lunch?
    We provide 2 snacks a day and milk/water. Parents provide lunches. We are a nut-free facility.
  • Frost - How does naptime work here? What if a child doesn’t sleep?
    Every classroom has their own nap schedule that they follow(posted on their daily schedule outside the classroom) If a child does not sleep, he/she will be given quiet toys to play on their mat to rest their body while the other children sleep.
  • Frost - Do the children go outside daily?
    Yes, all classes have a morning and afternoon time slot for outside play (weather permitting).
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