Celebrating and Preserving Westford's History...

and our 40th Anniversary in 2015!

In 1998, the Roudenbush Community Center celebrated the 100th Birthday of the Westford Academy building at 65 Main St. The Frost School, which today houses the Roudenbush Children's Center at 73 Main St., celebrated it’s 100th birthday in the fall, 2008.

From 2001 thru 2008, the Roudenbush Community Center spent over $2M on repairing, improving and maintaining the three historic buildings which are Main Street, the Frost building and the Old Nab School, as well as capital projects and new playgrounds. These buildings house 80+ employees and over 70 instructors and contractors for our Community Education programs, day care and preschool programs at no expense to the Town or taxpayers.


And we are still growing in spirit, service and numbers!

The Roudenbush Community Center was established to enrich the lives of Westford residents including adults, children and seniors by offering programs and services in the area of education, entertainment, health and the arts at no cost to taxpayers.

More and more people have taken advantage of Roudenbush programs over the years. Hundreds of programs are offered each year with over 8000 adults and children participating in our programs. Programs include community education, gymnastics, preschool and daycare.

Roudenbush Children's Center Preschool at Frost and Old Nab, Kindergarten at 65 Main Street, and Full Day Child Care at Frost, with its dedicated teachers and staff continue to make the centers warm, exciting and inviting for the younger child. Hundreds of children are serviced by the centers each year.

The Frost school opened in 1908, and celebrated its 100th anniversary in fall, 2008. Despite its many years, or perhaps because of, being filled to capacity every working day, the Roudenbush Children's Center at Frost is holding up beautifully. The Frost building was converted to an Early Childhood Center in September of 1999, and offers full day infant thru Kindergarten programs.

The Roudenbush School Age Program at 65 Main Street services the growing needs of over 100 working families in Westford. 

The mission of The Roudenbush Community Center, Inc. (TRCCI) is to bring enrichment to INDIVIDUALS, FAMILIES, and COMMUNITIES in an inviting environment where there is always something new and exciting to explore. TRCCI seeks to collaborate with area businesses, community organizations, and local government in order to develop and deliver relevant programs and services for all to enjoy.