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List of Classes for Children
All Fitness and Dance Classes
Instructor: Souleymane Wane
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14104 Mar 11-Apr 15 (6 Sat) 10:30 am-11:30 am $158/$155
Young players will learn the proper way to shoot, pass, dribble, and defend the ball. This clinic will teach each student the mechanics and how to apply them to basketball. Learn to shoot correctly, pass correctly, play defense correctly, and practice on your own.

Souleymane Wane, born in Dakar, Senegal, played at UConn from 1997-2001, during which he helped UConn win its first National Championship. Upon graduating in 2001, he spent several years in Asia and Europe, playing professional basketball. He now teaches French at Haverhill High School.
Instructor: Staff of Barrie Bruce Golf Schools
Location: Billerica Country Club, 51 Baldwin Rd, Billerica
RCC-E14396 April Spring Vacation Clinic JC-A April 17-April 21(Mon-Fri) 9:00 am-10:15 am $132/$129
RCC-E14397 April Spring Vacation Clinic JC-B April 17-April 21 (Mon-Fri) 1:00 pm-2:15 pm $132/$129
RCC-E14398 JC-C June 26-June 30 (Mon-Fri) 9:00 am-10:15 am $132/$129
RCC-E14406 JC-D July 10-July 14 (Mon.-Fri.) 9:00-10:15 am $132/$129
RCC-E14407 JC-E July 17-July 21 (Mon.-Fri.) 9:00-10:15 am $132/$129
RCC-E14408 JC-F July 24-July 28 (Mon.-Fri.) 9:00-10:15 am $132/$129
RCC-E14409 JC-G July 31-Aug. 4 (Mon.-Fri.) 9:00-10:15 am $132/$129
RCC-E14410 JC-H Aug. 7-Aug. 11 (Mon.-Fri.) 9:00-10:15 am $132/$129
RCC-E14411 JC-I Aug. 14-Aug. 18 (Mon.-Fri.) 9:00-10:15 am $132/$129
RCC-E14412 JC-J Aug. 21-Aug 25 (Mon.-Fri) 9:00-10:15 am $132/$129
RCC-E14413 JC-K Sept.9-Oct. 7 (5 Sat.) 9:30-10:45 $132/$129
RCC-E14414 JC-L Sept. 9-Oct.7 (5 Sat.) 1:30-2:45 pm $132/$129
RCC-E14415 JC-M Sept. 10-Oct. 8 (5 Sun.) 9:30-10:45 am $132/$129
RCC-E14416 JC-N Sept. 10-Oct. 8 (5 Sun.) 1:30-2:45 pm $132/$129
Junior clinics are perfect for beginning junior and for those who want to develop better golf skills. Clinics consist of five (5) lessons, covering safety, set up, the swing, irons, woods, the short game, and golf etiquette. Equipment and practice balls will be provided. Junior golfers are grouped by age range, so students will be playing in age related peer groups.
Instructor: Westford Regency Health Club Staff
Location: Westford Regency Pool, 219 Littleton Rd
RCC-E14222 Feb 4-Feb 25 (4 Sat) 10:10 am-10:40 am $83/$80
RCC-E14230 Mar 4-Mar 25 (3 Sat, Ex 3/11) 10:10 am-10:40 am $63/$60
RCC-E14231 Apr 1-Apr 29 (3 Sat, Ex 4/15, 4/22) 10:10 am-10:40 am $63/$60
Level 1 (Requirements: Parents should be prepared to go in the water with their child if needed. Class Objectives: Children will learn to become more comfortable in the water. Learning to splash, paddle, blow bubbles, and kick. Jumping from pool deck, floating on back, and begin to be independent in the water are skills that will be introduced.

Instructor: Westford Regency Health Club Staff
Location: Westford Regency Pool, 219 Littleton Rd.
RCC-E14223 Feb 4-Feb 25 (4 Sat) 10:50 am-11:20 am $83/$80
RCC-E14232 Mar 4-Mar 25 (3 Sat, EX 3/11) 10:50 am-11:20 am $63/$60
RCC-E14233 Apr 1-Apr 29 (3 Sat, Ex 4/15, 4/22) 10:50 am-11:20 am $63/$60
Requirements: Children should, for the most part, be independent in the water and comfortable submerging into the water fully. Class Objectives: Children will learn to become fully independent in the water. Back float, front float, front crawl, back crawl, and treading water will all be covered throughout the course of the session. Children will continue to work on jumping, and stroke development.
Instructor: Westford Regency Health Club Staff
Location: Westford Regency Pool, 219 Littleton Rd.
RCC-E14224 Feb 4-Feb 25 (4 Sat) 11:30 am -12:00 pm $83/$80
RCC-E14234 Mar 4-Mar 25 (3 Sat, EX 3/11) 11:30 am-12:00 pm $63/$60
RCC-E14235 Apr 1-Apr 29 (3 Sat, Ex 4/15, 4/22) 11:30 am-12:00 pm $63/$60
Requirements: Children should be able to keep themselves afloat in the water independently and have basic knowledge of strokes. Class Objectives: A development of strokes, an introduction of the elementary back stroke and breast stroke. Underwater swimming, jumping from pool deck, and endurance for longer distance swimming.
New!   MUNCHKIN MOVEMENT & MORE (Ages 1.5-3.5 & Caregiver)
Instructor: TA-DAH! Staff
Location: TA DAH! Studio of Dance 1 Park Drive Suite 16, Westford
RCC-E14111 Feb 28-Mar 28 (5 Tues) 10:45am-11:45 am $80/$77
This weekly themed class balances movement and creativity. A balance of child directed and teacher initiated opportunities to encourage the toddler to be actively engaged while learning about the world around them. Each class will include a combination of circle time, dancing, games, musical obstacle courses, exercises and creative play. Parent or Caregiver participation required.
TAE KWON DO (Ages 6 & Up)
Instructor: Debbie Ladue
Location: Roudenbush Gym, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14243 Feb 14-July 25 (22 Tue, Ex 4/18, 7/4) 6:30 pm-8:00 pm $229/$226, each add'l family member $138/$135
Learn Tae Kwon Do with an experienced instructor who teaches traditional forms and self-defense in a non-contact, supportive and fun class. Courtesy, integrity, discipline, perseverance, and indomitable spirit are the tenets of Tae Kwon Do and are the natural outcome from the practice of this art. Ongoing sessions will be available for students ages 6 and up. Students receive instruction from the lead instructor, other black belts and from advanced students in a cooperative, fun and progressive environment. Open registration ends when session begins.
Instructor: Katy Roper
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14026 Mar 20-May 1 (6 Mon, Ex 4/17) 10:15 am-11:00 am $91/$88
An introductory ballet class for young students. Any color leotard, pink tights & pink ballet slippers needed for class. Children will be taught both freestyle and organized dance moves. Hair must be worn up and off the face and neck area. Parents & caregivers are welcome to attend a short recital on the last day of class.