Comcast Cares Day at Roudenbush
Saturday, April 22nd, 9am - 1pm
Join Comcast & Roudenbush staff and families at 65 Main Street and help tidy up the grounds around all our buildings! For more information please contact
The Artist Gallery at Roudenbush
Upcoming May Exhibit
We welcome local artists to the Roudenbush Community Center. In May, Jack Holmes will showcase his exhibit, Near and Far .
Upcoming June Exhibit
On June 1, Artist Erin Heitkemp will exhibit her work, entitled,

Red Jacket Resorts
Resort Promotions in NH and Cape Cod.
Specials for Easter and April School Vacation Week at Red Jacket Beach in Cape Cod

Stay from April 14 to 22 and receive complimentary breakfast daily and enjoy a full calendar of fun-filled family activities.
Plus, the resort will host a complimentary Easter egg hunt Sunday morning!

Stay April 14 or 15 and receive a complimentary upgrade to ocean front accommodations (subject to availability).

Call 800-CAPECOD and use rate code SCHOOL
*As always, please be sure to mention Roudenbush when calling.
Online Classes

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List of Adult Classes
All Arts, Crafts, Cooking and Home Classes
Instructor: Bernadette Dureault M.Ed
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14439 May 1-Jun 12 (6 Mon Ex 5/29) 6:15 pm-7:45 pm $78/$75
Make either a pillow or bag while learning the basic stitches and techniques of crochet. The class will focus on chain, single, double, half double, and treble stitch. We will discuss types and weights of yarn and how they affect a project. Then we will put the stitches together to make our bag or pillow. Bring worsted weight yarn H and I hook to class.
Instructor: Svetlana Yanushkevich, DWS
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14586 Aug 8 (Tue) 6:00 pm-8:00 pm $28/$25
Attention to all white wine lovers. If you love white wines, but tired of the "same old, same old" Chardonnays and Pino Grigios, you need to join us as we travel around the world to discover rate and unique white grape varieties with Professional Sommelier and Wine Educator, Svetlana Yanushkevich. We will taste five types of white wine from small boutique producers with a selection of fine cheeses and chocalate. The wine bottles will be hidden in brown bags so you will need to rely on your own senses, experience and preferences to evaluate each wine. At the end of the tasting, attendees will bee asked to vote for their favorite wine.
Instructor: Suzanne Donahue
Location: Pottery Studio 108 Lowell Rd. Westford More Information
RCC-E14267 May 8-Jun 12 (5 Mon, Ex 5/29) 7:00 pm-9:00 pm $132/$129
RCC-E14268 May 9-Jun 13 (6 Tue) 7:00 pm-9:00 pm $158/$155
Students will learn useful art by means of the potter's wheel and will also learn to sculpt, hand build and add nature to their beautiful designs. Glazing and firing techniques will be applied when creating your pottery. All supplies and firings are included in cost. Beginner to advanced student. For directions to the studio, click more information above.
Instructor: Bernadette Dureault M.Ed.
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14440 Jun 26-Jul 31 (6 Mon) 6:15 pm-7:45 pm $78/$75
Build on the techniques you acquired in the beginner class. Learn to read a pattern, both written and symbol. Bring any unfinished projects to first class.
New!   GOOD FOODS FOR MY PLATE (for Families & Children)
Instructor: Julie Shepherd
Location: Cameron Senior Center Kitchen, 20 Pleasant St, Westford
RCC-E14251 GOOD FOODS FOR MYPLATE (for Families & Children)
May 5-May 26 (4 Fri) 3:00 pm-4:30 pm, Free at Cameron Senior Center
This four-week program teaches and allows families with their children basic nutrition guidelines based on MyPlate, how to adopt healthy eating habits, and how to make healthy snacks. The program will feature weekly new recipes for preparing fun, simple, healthy dishes using whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and snack foods. Basic cooking skills and food safety is included. Families at the end of the class will be able to bring home a 15-20 lb. bag of groceries especially created for their needs.
Instructor: Jennifer Hofmann
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14421 Jun 20 (Tue) 6:30 pm-8:30 pm $45/$42
Have you thought about making your own green cleaning products? Come to Green Cleaning where you will receive a complete green cleaning guide complete with natural ingredients, their properties, what and how they are used in cleaning a variety of surfaces and recipes to make your own environmentally safe products. Together the class will make and take home an all purpose scrub, a vinegar based cleaner and laundry soap. There is a $15 materials fee payable to the instructor at the time of class.
Instructor: Julie Shepherd
Location: Cameron Senior Center Kitchen, 20 Pleasant St, Westford, MA
RCC-E14241 May 1 (Mon) 10:30 am-12:00 pm, Free
RCC-E14242 Jun 5 (Mon) 10:30 am-12:00 pm, Free
Free nutrition education and cooking class to help seniors stay healthy, eat right, and choose an active lifestyle. Instructor will guide seniors through fun, hands-on activities during the 1.5 hour program. Topics include basic nutrition guidelines, chronic disease prevention, healthy meal planning on a limited budget, and food safety. The course will teach the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables and being physically active daily.
Instructor: Mark Durrenberger
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14501 May 11 (Thur) 7:00 pm-8:30 pm $10/$7
Are you curious about solar energy? Get answers to your questions such as how solar works; the benefits of a solar electric system (including lower electric bills!); the cost, payback time frame, and grants and tax credits available; how you can make money by selling solar credits (SRECs); how solar impacts or business; how to interpret your electric bill and identify steps to lower it; and how to solar-friendly state in the country and how to take advantage of generous government incentives including rebates and tax credits.
Instructor: Jennifer Hofmann
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14419 May 16 (Tue) 6:30 pm-8:30 pm $70/$67
Cold process soaps are created by blending oils (or fat) with a lye mixture. In turn the soap saponifies over the next twenty-four hours turning the lye-oil mixture into a solid bar of soap!

The class will cover the following:
Brief history and basic chemistry of soap making
Necessary materials, supplies and equipment
Safety considerations when working with sodium hydroxide
Taking accurate measurements & proper mixing temperatures
Coloring your soap (micas, labcolors, herbs, spices & clays)
Scenting your soap (fragrance oils verses essential oils)
Preparing your molds and molding options
Insulating, cutting, curing and storing your finished soap

Everyone will make their own 1lb batch of soap that they will get to take home with them (the mold will be theirs to keep as well so they can make future batches of soap).
Students will also leave with very thorough handouts and enough information to make awesome vegetable-based natural soap from scratch on their own as well as a full-sized bar of soap to enjoy. This class uses only vegetable based ingredients. Materials fee of $20 is payable to instructor at class.

NOTE: This is an age 18+ class since making soap from scratch involves working with lye (aka sodium hydroxide). For safety reasons please wear or bring a long-sleeved shirt. You'll also need to bring an old towel or blanket to insulate your soap on the way home.

About the Instructor:
Jennifer prides herself in making high quality handmade soaps and bath products. Her soaps are visually appealing, but also natural, gentle, and moisturizing. She makes a wide range of bath products from balms, scrubs, butters, and facial items to help all skin types, to soothe, and to moisturize. Jennifer has passed her Basic and Advance CP/HP Certification test and is a certified advanced teacher by the Soap Guild.

New!   MOMMY & ME CLAY TIME (Newborn & Up with Parent)
Instructor: Jen Rubini
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14426 May 17 (Wed) 10:30 am-11:30 am $28/$25 adult & 1 child, $10 each add'l child
RCC-E14427 Jun 14 (Wed) 10:30 am-11:30 am $28/$25 adult & 1 child, $10 each add'l child
Great sensory fun with your little ones. This class invites moms, dads, or caretakers and their children to create milestone memorabilia. We will use our hands and feet, air dry clay, and paints, to make mementos & wall hangings. Wonderful for both parents and children to cherish as they grow older.

Instructor:Donna Gordon
Location: Donna Gordon Art Studio, 27 Hemlock Road, Westford, MA
RCC-E14563 May 4-Jun 1 (5 Thur) 6:00 pm-8:00 pm $200/$197
This class is for the beginner who would love to learn the basics of oil painting. Professional artist and teacher, Donna Gordon, will demonstrate then provide step-by-step instruction to help students learn oil painting techniques. Students will learn about how lighting affects an object in the painting and not to apply values (lights and darks) on a canvas to create a three dimensional object. Students will also learn the basics of composition, color and color mixing along with brush techniques.
Instructor: Kathryn Liebowitz
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14568 Jul 10 (Mon) 9:30 am-11:30 am $55/$53
RCC-E14567 Jul 17 (Mon) 9:30 am-11:30 am $55/$53
Explore the elements of flower design - texture, color, shape, proportion and surroundings--and experiment with the playful art of combining flowers (cultivated and wild) with moss, stones, bark, branches lichen, shells, feathers and other objects that catch your eye. We will view and discuss images of stunning flower designs of all styles and work with an array of summer blooms and other organize materials. Please bring along a vase (or two), floral scissors or knife and found materials you want to incorporate into your arrangements. In season, fresh flowers provided.
Instructor:Ryan DeMoura & Ron Peik
Location: Roudenbush, 65 Main Street
RCC-E14547 Jun 8 (Thur) 6:30 pm-8:00 pm $20/$17
This class will offer effective solutions on how to deal with lead paint, mold and other environmental issues in your home, with a special focus on preserving the historic details, character and old world features that make your home a unique treasure.
Instructor: Julie Shepherd
Location: Cameron Senior Center Kitchen, 20 Pleasant St. Westford
RCC-E14246 Apr 7-Apr 28 (4 Fri) 3:30 pm-5:00 pm, Free at Cameron Senior Ctr
Children gain so much from cooking - science, math and reading skills, patience, small motor skills, and the confidence achieved from accomplishing a task. What better time than now to get cooking, who knows, you may have a budding Mario Batali in the family. Must be income qualified. Free, register online.
Location: Abbot School lawn and various homes in town
RCC-E14329 At Home Yard Sale Apr 29 (Sat) 9:00 am-1:00 pm $10 Donation to Roudenbush
RCC-E14339 Abbot Lawn Apr 29 (Sat) 9:00 am-1:00 pm $10 Donation to Roudenbush
There are two ways to be a part of the town-wide yard sale! Have your yard sale at home or at the Abbot School front lawn. Roudenbush will do advertising in the Westford Eagle, and at our sites. No refunds are given due to rain. Sunday will be the rain date if needed. If having your sale at home, please list a few of your treasures for sale on the registration form. Sale is for dry goods only, no baked goods please. If you feel you will need more time for your sale, please consider having your yard sale at home as Abbot lawn will run 9am-1pm. Register by Wednesday April 19, to get your street listed in the Round Roudenbush column of Westford Eagle.